08/04/2021 - Grupo Piñero | Sustainability

10 tips to bring out your most "Ecocentric" side during these vacations

  • Grupo Piñero, in line with its commitment to the environment and the fight against climate change, and as part of its 'We are Ecocentric' movement, has drawn up a decalogue to invite society to take care of the planet. 

Palma, August, 3, 2021.- After a year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, travel consumption habits are changing and travelers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact their activities can have on the environment. The industry is moving toward a sustainable tourism model that favors individual awareness and the protection of the planet. Along these lines, in recent years various travel trends have emerged, such as ecotourism or regenerative tourism, whose ultimate goal is the preservation and conservation of the environment. Data supports these trends, according to a survey conducted by the UAB and IATI's Master's Degree in Travel Journalism, which reveals that 8 out of 10 young people are concerned about the impact tourism can have on the planet. 

For this reason, Grupo Piñero, a Spanish tourism company with more than 40 years of history, has created within the framework of its movement 'We are Ecocentric' ( a list of ten recommendations that we can adopt individually during our vacations to conserve the planet.  

1- Use biodegradable or reef friendly sunscreen. 

2- Control your water consumption. Reuse towels, turn off the faucet while brushing and do all those things that you learned about saving water. To help a little, we have put water savers on all the faucets. 

3- Take advantage of natural light, use energy-saving light bulbs, turn off the lights when you leave the rooms. 

4- Don't step on vegetation off the marked paths and tracks. If you're in the mood for some jungle exploration, ask at our excursion center. 

5- Recycle, recycle and recycle. In our hotels and residential complexes we make it easy for you with a waste management system in place in all of them. 

6- Consume local products and responsible brands.. 

7- Plant trees or plants. If the Amazon is a bit out of your way, you’ve always got your your balcony or your garden. 

8- Consume less. As a general rule. Clothing, electronics, cosmetics, junk food... it's actually the most direct way to reduce environmental degradation. 

9- Practice sustainable tourism. When you travel, make sure that you support businesses that in turn help to make things better. 

10- Think about the planet you want to leave to your children. And if you don’t have kids, think about your nieces and nephews! 

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Through the movement, Grupo Piñero, which has 27 hotels and several residential complexes in Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica, 4 golf courses in the middle of nature, more than 4 miles of beaches in the Caribbean or more than 3,200 acres of land, wants to publicize its environmental sustainability strategy and invite its stakeholders to participate and raise awareness and sensitize them in the care of OUR Planet. 

Grupo Piñero's 'We are Ecocentric' movement invites the whole of society to bring out the 'ecocentric' in all of us. Human beings are innately egotistical and there is no reason to be ashamed of it, it's our nature. We want the best for us and ours, and therefore for the planet. . This is why we invite society to apply this same egocentric spirit to the preservation and conservation of the planet, since this is the only way to achieve a great movement with small individual actions. 

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