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Living Resorts brings together our hotel, residential and golf course activities, operating mainly tourist and residential complexes in Spain and the Caribbean.
In this way, we expand our activity beyond tourism, maximizing the synergies between our companies in order to provide unique human experiences, regardless of the time our clients decide to spend with us.

The brand that makes this concept a reality is Bahia Principe, our flagship, through its Hotels & Resorts, Residences and Golf divisions. The range of hotels in Spain is complemented by Piñero Hoteles.

Bahía Principe

Much more than hotels and resorts

Bahia Principe is materialized in its hotel, residential and golf divisions, which make the Resort Lifestyle concept a reality in the destinations where these divisions are present: Riviera Maya and the Dominican Republic. Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, the group's most recognized brand, presents its offerings in these destinations as well as in Jamaica and Spain.

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Family hotels in Palma de Mallorca with unrivaled value for money to enjoy a few days of rest on the island. Their location on one of the best known beaches and proximity to the airport makes them a great choice for group or couples' trips.

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