Through our Soltour and Coming2 brands we accompany the clients of agencies, tour operators and incoming services during their vacations, from their place of origin to the destination.

As a tour operator, Soltour is present in the wholesale segment operating in Spain and Portugal, with a range of destinations that has not stopped growing, taking on the figure of a perfect inviter.

For its part, Coming2, as an incoming service provider, plays the role of the perfect host, providing the best at-destination experiences to travelers during their vacations, providing services to tour operators from around the world.

Logo Soltour
The germ of Grupo Piñero is one of Spain's biggest tour operators, Soltour. Born in 1976 as the first business unit, it has evolved since then to form in its working structure an integrated and complete range of tourism services, and to become the leader in the Caribbean "sun & sand" sector in the markets of Spain and Portugal.

Soltour's main activity is centered on the development and sale of tourist packages, providing added value to the purchase of the trip, from the non-dependence of vertically integrated groups and the defense of traditional tour operation. These and other reasons allow us to provide high quality service to tourism professionals, as well as the peace of mind of being in the best hands.

Logo Coming2
Coming2 is our incoming services company, which manages at-destination services for B2B clients. These services include welcoming and bidding farewell to travelers on arrival and departure, accompanying them during their holidays (various kinds of excursions or events), and handling bed banks as well as other complementary services.

With offices in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica, its added value is achieved through control over the final experience, thanks to having its own offices and its own product, and to the solutions it provides, many of which are closely linked to technology and synergies with its sister companies Soltour and Bahia Principe.

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