Our specialty as an international hotel chain is to make vacation experiences come true, keeping something incredibly important in mind: that each person feels happiness in a different way.

That is why we offer four categories of hotels, and three different types of experiences to live in them, multiplying the possibilities of customization. That's why we strive for the best environment through meticulous attention to detail, whether you see it or not. We use technology both to optimize our clients' time and to make them enjoy more. All imbued by human warmth, which we inherited from Grupo Piñero.

The most special way of living your vacations

Hotels with an exclusive touch that makes vacations go that extra mile. Superior service, more privileges, exclusive areas... For those for whom the real luxury is to disconnect, not to worry about anything, and to dedicate time to enjoying their vacation while we take care of every detail.

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A paradise in the Caribbean for all our clients

Our Bahia Principe Grand hotels represent our essence: everything you can expect from the Caribbean, plus a little more. Quality, charming people, good atmosphere, and superb attention to detail. In them we make the essence of the Caribbean come to life, making it easy for each guest to connect with their special side during their vacation.

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Our hotels in the country of sunlight

4-star superior hotels to enjoy our stay in Spain, occupying enclaves in the beautiful islands of Tenerife and Majorca. All of them are characterized by their incredible views and the influence of Spanish culture at all levels, especially in terms of service, treatment and the atmosphere generated. A slice of paradise in Europe.

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Family vacations full of magic

A new concept of themed hotels created for families who want to live an unforgettable vacation around different tales and legends with the help of our storybook characters. Contributing to the atmosphere are their themed facilities like grand castles and surprising restaurants. Ideal hotels for rediscovering the magic of childhood.

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