07/05/2023 - Grupo Piñero | Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts

Grupo Piñero receives the award for Best Project for Environmental Conservation in the Tourism Sector at the Social Enterprise Awards

  • The Group has been recognized for its "We Are Ecocentric" Movement, which encompasses all its environmental care actions in its different business units

Madrid, July 4, 2023. Grupo Piñero has been honored at the annual Social Enterprise Awards gala with the prize for Best Environmental Conservation Project in the Tourism Sector for its “We Are Ecocentric" Movement. The movement, created in 2021 by the tourism company, is designed to promote commitment to the environment and the fight against climate change, not only through the Group's activities, but also by transferring the initiative to all its stakeholders.

The twelfth Social Enterprise Awards gala took place this past Monday, July 3, at the CaixaForum in Madrid, where pioneering companies in social and environmental matters received awards from Gala Acción Social, the event's organizer.

During the gala, Angelica Santos, Head of Branding & Design, and Patricia Reina, Head of Corporate Communication of Grupo Piñero, received the award and were able to present the "We Are Ecocentric" Movement to the attendees, highlighting the creation of the movement as a recognition of the Group's responsibilities in the natural environments in which it operates. The goal of increasing the impact of We Are Ecocentric, designed to influence all employees and stakeholders, and expressing the shared responsibility for sustainability at all levels of operation in the sector, was also highlighted.

In response to this recognition, Isabel Piñero, Chief Sustainability Officer of Grupo Piñero, said, “At Grupo Piñero we are working to lead a regenerative tourism model based on responsibility and sustainability that can meet social and environmental challenges. This award to our "We Are Ecocentric" Movement confirms that we are on the right track, promoting environmental conservation through actions that bring about significant and sustainable change in the communities in which we operate.

Transformative and transversal actions

Currently, We Are Ecocentric has sustainable initiatives in place in all the countries where Grupo Piñero operates: Spain, Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. These actions are also reinforced through the Ecobahia Foundation, whose objective is to carry out projects for the conservation, maintenance and improvement of natural resources, as well as to raise awareness of the importance of the environment in the destinations where it is present (currently in Mexico and the Dominican Republic).

It has different activity programs like fauna recovery and management, promotion of native flora, conservation of marine resources, protection of coral reefs, conservation of natural areas, as well as environmental education programs.

In this way, all of the actions promoted by We Are Ecocentric are openly focused, reaching customers, partners, employees, collaborating organizations, schools and other companies.The Social Enterprise Award recognizes Grupo Piñero's effort and commitment to environmental care and distinguishes the innovative element of a movement that aims to effect real change beyond the scope of the company. The various activities and initiatives within the We Are Ecocentric framework, which continue to evolve so as to heighten the Group's sustainable mission, make Grupo Piñero a sustainable benchmark in the tourism sector.

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