Preservacion Cayo Levantado
03/28/2023 - Sustainability

Grupo Piñero establishes its firm commitment to the care and preservation of Cayo Levantado

  • Through innovative actions for the care of the environment and the preservation of local biodiversity, Cayo Levantado Resort will position itself as an exemplary tourist destination with regard to sustainability within the luxury segment.  

Santo Domingo, March 28, 2023. Grupo Piñero, with almost 50 years in the tourism sector, shares the innovative actions that will position Cayo Levantado Resort as a luxury tourism space focused on caring for the environment and preserving local biodiversity, starting with its opening on June 1. 

Given the continued global growth of luxury tourism (6.2% in the next 10 years, according to the report Luxury Tourism: Trends in Travel and Destinations by the OSTELEA Tourism Management School) and the growing search for sustainability and digitalization by tourists between 20 and 45 years old, Grupo Piñero reinforces its commitment to sustainable innovation and sophistication through the concept of "the luxury of regenerating", which revolves around the guest experience, its environment and the community.  

In addition to the luxury of regenerating the environment, the respectful integration of Cayo Levantado Resort will also positively impact the island's flora and fauna, merging project activity with the environment and nature. In this respect, Hervé Blondel, who recently joined Grupo Piñero as the new General Manager of Cayo Levantado Resort, stated: 

“Being the new General Manager of Cayo Levantado Resort means being in charge of an incredible project on an island with a unique natural wealth. I have the backing of a company that has sustainability running through its veins, and I am convinced that Cayo Levantado Resort will become a true standard for environmental care and, of course, for the conservation of the rich biodiversity that exists there.” 

Actions for the preservation of the island's flora and fauna 

One of the main actions carried out in Cayo Levantado Resort through the Ecobahia Foundation includes an extensive landscaping project, where invasive vegetation has been eliminated and the island has been revegetated with more than 700 endemic and native island species, thus promoting its preservation. 

It is important to remember that this marvelous island is the gateway to the reef area of Samaná Bay, as well as a notable sanctuary for birds, whales and corals. For this reason, the Ecobahia Foundation will work together with local NGOs such as CEBSE and FUNDEMAR in the conservation and restoration of coral reefs

“Part of the experience that our guests will have includes an ecological route on the island, where in addition to appreciating this natural treasure, they will be able to play a part in the preservation and care of the local biodiversity, with the help of our biodiversity experts,” said Hervé Blondel. 

Finally, it is important to highlight the work that Grupo Piñero has been doing with the National Botanical Garden in various parts of the Dominican Republic, which will now also come to fruition at Cayo Levantado Resort. This is thanks to the investigation and protection of 700 native and endemic species of Hispaniola, where, for example, we can highlight the great variety of reptiles in the region. 

Guests will enjoy an environmentally responsible experience 

Actions to protect and care for the environment within the resort will be present throughout the guest's experience. From a paperless check in, where ID bracelets will be used as room keys, to rooms with zero plastic and sensors for presence, lighting, doors and windows, as part of the RoomXperiencie control system where guests will be able to control their actual energy consumption.  

At the same time, a Building Management System will be implemented to control all areas of the hotel, including rooms, air conditioning systems in the main areas, lobby and central spaces, main buffet, restaurants, as well as the HVAC and hot & cold water pumping systems.  

With a view to finding clean energy sources, photovoltaic panels and an organic waste biodigestion system will be installed to generate energy for the hotel from the gas produced by fermentation. These and other actions will protect the native species of the island that are in danger of extinction, providing them with an optimal space for their development. 

To complete the 360º sustainable experience, the resort will have its own water production plant, which will produce up to 1,600 gallons of water per day by taking advantage of the relative humidity of the air through condensation, minimizing the use of plastics by bottling water in glass bottles. 

With this project, Grupo Piñero wants to preserve the environmental wonders and rich biodiversity of the Samaná Peninsula, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability in all the destinations where it operates through its different companies. 

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