Inauguración Cayo Levantado Resort
11/16/2023 - Grupo Piñero | Sustainability | Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts

Grupo Piñero inaugurates Cayo Levantado Resort: a hotel that redefines luxury tourism in Dominican Republic

  • The official inauguration ceremony was attended by the President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, the Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources, Miguel Ceara Hatton, and influential figures from the local and international business world.
  • With its innovative wellness proposal, the hotel stands out as one of the most innovative offers in the region, featuring the first self-awareness center in the Caribbean: Yubarta.
  • Through the Eco-Bahia Foundation, Cayo Levantado Resort implements actions to minimize the ecological impact of its operations and protect the ecosystem.

Samaná, November 16, 2023.- As part of its commitment to the development of the province of Samaná, Grupo Piñero, a company in the tourism sector with a track record spanning almost 50 years, inaugurated its first luxury hotel together with the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, and the Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources, Miguel Ceara Hatton: Cayo Levantado Resort.

The official inauguration of this 218-room resort marks a significant milestone four months after its opening and an investment of just over €50 million. Through its Hidden Rhythm concept, it seeks to position itself as a benchmark in luxury tourism in the Caribbean region, highlighting three fundamental pillars of sustainability: wellness, promotion of local culture and preservation of the natural environment. This achievement is not only crucial for the company, but also for the industry in general, underscoring the continued commitment of the company and the Piñero family to the destination of Samaná and the Dominican Republic.

During the inauguration ceremony, the authorities had the opportunity to take a guided tour of the facilities, where they were able to explore up close the exclusive amenities offered by the resort, including "Yubarta", a space for personal development that aims to redefine the concept of wellness in the hospitality industry, whose name pays tribute to the humpback whales native to Samaná and hosts immersive activities designed to encourage self-discovery and connection with oneself. This proposal reflects the Group's firm commitment to innovation in the guest experience.

Yubarta was chosen as the place to officially inaugurate Cayo Levantado Resort with the release of butterflies typical of the Samaná ecosystem, a symbolic act representing the hotel's connection with its natural surroundings. 

In this regard, Encarna Piñero, CEO of Grupo Piñero, said during the opening ceremony, “Tourism companies have the great fortune to work with the happiness of people and that motivates us to continue innovating without losing our originality and a close and personalized treatment, something that in the case of Cayo Levantado Resort is possible thanks to the commitment and genuine kindness of our employees, most of them Samaná locals, who also believe in the value of this project.” 

Cayo Levantado Resort’s value proposal
With its innovative wellness proposal, the hotel stands out as one of the most innovative offers in the region, featuring the first self-awareness center in the Caribbean: Yubarta. An experience that gives guests the opportunity, in just a few days, to access an integral and holistic approach to well-being involving the harmony of body, mind and spirit through four pathways. These pathways (Refresh, Restore, Relax and Renew) involve different activities and rituals that integrate physical exercise, meditation, spa sessions and nutritional counseling, among others. The resort takes care of every detail to facilitate a spiritual journey in itself, through an atmosphere that elevates self-discovery. 

One of the great strengths of Cayo Levantado Resort is the integration of the local culture in all aspects, from construction to operation. During the renovation process, local designers, interior decorators and architects worked to capture Dominican authenticity in every detail. The architectural and conceptual design was headed by Dominican architect Ramón Emilio Jiménez, who, together with local suppliers, interior designers, artisans and artists from the country, have turned every corner of the Cayo into a true work of art. Undoubtedly, Cayo Levantado Resort manages to integrate the heartbeat of local life in its gastronomy, its common areas, and also in the experiences of each guest who stays there. 

This is because gastronomy and architecture also play an important role in the essence of Cayo Levantado Resort. In order to provide an exceptional experience to its guests, the resort offers six first-class culinary proposals, as well as seven bars with signature cocktails and a coffee shop with a delicate selection of Dominican coffee. The hotel's culinary offerings seek to blend local culture with the use of natural and fresh ingredients, acquired from various sources such as the hotel's own vegetable gardens and orchards. In addition, the resort's architecture and interior design focus on sustainability and reflect the authenticity of Dominican culture, creating a luxurious and authentic environment. These elements combine to offer visitors a unique experience of wellness and transformation during their stay at the resort.

Similarly, the inclusion of local talent is a fundamental pillar of this project. During its first months of opening, the resort has not only received national and foreign tourists, but has also become a generator of jobs for the province and surrounding areas, creating around 500 direct jobs, of which 96% are Dominican and 76% from Samaná itself, contributing to the economic and social growth of the entire region.

Sustainable luxury tourism: a reality in the Dominican Republic thanks to Cayo Levantado Resort

Cayo Levantado Resort embodies Grupo Piñero's strong commitment to sustainability. This project shows respect for the conservation of the natural environment, implementing actions to minimize the ecological impact of its operations and protect the ecosystem. These achievements are due to the sound conservation measures implemented, in conjunction with the Eco-Bahia Foundation, during the first months of operation, conducting research and environmental education programs, as well as protecting the delicate ecosystem -fauna, flora, marine resources and protected areas- of the Cayo.

With a view to seeking clean energy sources, the hotel has photovoltaic panels and recently installed a waste biodigestion system, which generates energy for the hotel from the gas produced by the fermentation of waste.

These initiatives cover a variety of aspects, from landscaping and revegetation work on the island to the implementation of paperless check-in and a single-use plastic disposal policy at the hotel.  The main objective is to guide guests, through the activities of the Eco-Bahia Foundation, toward a greater awareness of the importance of environmental preservation, offering them an experience that allows them to fully connect with the natural environment.

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