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03/31/2022 - Grupo Piñero | Strategic Alliances | Digitalization

Grupo Piñero moves forward in its digitalization with the help of BWD

  • The two companies have signed an agreement for the processing of more than 250,000 invoices per year generated by the tourism group, which is evolving in the digitalization of its back office.
  • In addition to progressing in its digital transition, with this project Grupo Piñero takes a new step in its environmental commitment by going paperless.

The international tourism company Grupo Piñero has entrusted BWD,  a company specializing in digital transformation, to help it continue to evolve in the development of its back office digitalization process. The two companies recently signed an agreement to launch a project focused on data extraction and automation of Grupo Piñero's incoming invoice verification process. In this way, BWD will be digitally processing a volume of approximately 250,000 invoices per year.

Thanks to this digitalization arrangement, Grupo Piñero will be able to automatically integrate its invoice data into the ERP. This action, in turn, also represents an important contribution to the core of the tourism company's business strategy: sustainability. This digitalization process allows the Group to make significant savings in paper consumption, something that has a direct impact on sustainability and, in particular, on its environmental commitment.

With respect to the agreement, Jorge Ortega, partner and director of BWD in Spain, said: “We are delighted with this collaboration. Being able to help in the digitalization of one of the leading international tourism companies with such a large volume of work, given the different business divisions it manages, is a challenge that we accept with responsibility and excitement.”

For his part, Grupo Piñero's CIO, Mateo Ramon, said “digitalization is a priority for our company. Being able to digitize 100% of our invoices will allow us to have real-time updating of accounts, as well as to be able to apply the different flows that the operation demands from us.” To which he added, “thanks to collaborating with partners like BWD, we will be able to move closer toward our target.

The services associated with this partnership, which began late last year, will have an initial duration of four years and its implementation is phased according to the different countries where the service will be incorporated. Thus, in 2021 it started at the group's headquarters, located in Palma de Mallorca, and during 2022 it will be gradually expanded throughout Spain, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

BWD Methodology

BWD is committed to optimizing and maximizing the return on investment of its clients, in all its projects, applying an ROI of less than twelve months and intervening in a way that does not overlap the investments already made, in addition to taking advantage of existing infrastructures and tools.

For all its solutions, it guarantees the connection to the different systems, including the integration with the ERP or other management systems that may be necessary, since it integrates with all of them, both via Webservice as well as via API or interface.  It adds value through innovative solutions that provide agility and competitiveness to its customers.

Its portfolio contains only cutting-edge technologies, including the availability of the world's leading solution in Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which captures data in a fast and agile way and applies machine learning technology. Likewise, its offer in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which has been part of its portfolio of services from the outset, has been received with great success by different companies, which have the most advanced solution and the best qualification by international analysts in process automation.

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