Tips for enjoying an
11/30/2022 - Sustainability | Grupo Piñero

Tips for enjoying an "ecocentric" Christmas

  • Lighting up the most special moments, recycling materials for gift wrapping, using your imagination to decorate your home or supporting sustainable tourism are some of Grupo Piñero's recommendations for you to enjoy an environmentally responsible Christmas with your loved ones. 

Christmas, that time of the year with the aroma of hopes, dreams and family, is finally approaching. A few days to disconnect, relax and reconnect with our loved ones, in which we can, and should, not neglect our environmental commitment and continue contributing to the health of the planet.  

In this sense, we must not forget that a sustainable and environmentally responsible Christmas is perfectly compatible with the enjoyment of such special dates. We just have to continue to put our environmental awareness into practice. And if, even if you do, you are not convinced by this Christmas model, Grupo Piñero, under the umbrella of the “We Are Ecocentric” movement, an initiative promoted by the company that invites the whole of society to get involved in protecting the planet, offers you a series of sustainable and very simple recommendations, so that you have no excuses.  

Unique and recycled gift wrappings 

Like every Christmas, wrapping paper and cardboard boxes are among the most commonly used materials. For this reason, Grupo Piñero recommends reducing their consumption by using more sustainable alternatives to wrap the gifts we give to our loved ones.  

Recycling old newspapers or magazines are original and "ecocentric" options, so the wrapping of each gift will be unique. To avoid the excessive use of cardboard boxes, alternatives are available, such as a cereal box or a plastic container. Likewise, consuming less paper is not only a way to reduce costs, but also an easy and simple way to take a little more care of our planet.  

Christmas decorations 

Although some people may not believe it, Christmas home decorating and sustainability are compatible. All it takes is a little creativity and an environmentally responsible mindset.  

A tradition like this can be made sustainable by reusing materials and creating our own Christmas decorations. In addition to being an action based on environmental awareness, this activity is perfect for having a great time with the little ones of the house, teaching them the value of giving a second use to objects. 

The options for decorating your home are endless - you just have to let your imagination flow and, in this way, you can make your own Christmas tree from recycled objects such as toilet paper rolls, soft drink cans, CDs or DVDs...  

The same goes for Christmas decorations: you can create penguins with melted light bulbs, nativity figurines with wine bottle corks, coffee capsules for hanging on the tree, a Santa Claus using a toilet paper roll, or decorating a nativity scene with natural materials like branches, twigs, pine cones or star-shaped tangerine peels. 

Light up the most special moments 

Christmas is inconceivable without its characteristic lights that give a special color to this time of the year. There is no doubt that it is a symbol of this season and the Christmas spirit that's in the air, but we must not forget its impact on light pollution and the additional cost it entails on the electric bill.  

In this vein, the “We Are Ecocentric movement offers alternatives that reduce this expenditure of energy. For example, LED lights are energy-saving bulbs that use up to 90% less electricity than traditional bulbs. In addition, Grupo Piñero recommends limiting lighting hours to the most special moments in order to enjoy Christmas to the fullest and in a sustainable way. 

Practice responsible consumption 

Christmas is a time of the year when our consumption habits change and, on many occasions, we neglect them to the point of being wasteful. This splurging translates into the creation of more waste, so it is advisable to change our mindset in order to stop buying products that we do not need.  

Another alternative for responsible and sustainable consumption is to support local commerce by purchasing proximity products, thus promoting the local economy while at the same time generating fewer emissions. Therefore, these local and proximate products reduce the environmental impact because much of the pollution generated by shipping them from faraway places is eliminated. Likewise, our recommendation is to choose useful and necessary products that have a certificate of sustainability or those that assure that they are environmentally responsible.  

Practice sustainable tourism 

If it is true that Christmas is a time of reunions at home, there are also families that bring out their most touristy spirit when the holiday season comes along. When choosing a destination, Grupo Piñero, as a company committed to the ecosystem, recommends supporting those companies that help improve the environment around them. Therefore, this type of tourism respects cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and the livelihoods of the hosts. Likewise, a commitment to sustainability in the sector means advocating the conservation of natural and cultural resources to ensure their continued use in the future. 

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