09/26/2023 - Grupo Piñero | Sustainability

Grupo Piñero invested €2.7 million in environmental management in 2022

  • During its 2022 fiscal year, Grupo Piñero achieved a 36% reduction in average CO2 emissions per stay and recycled a total of 11,685,000 pounds (5.3 million kilograms) of waste
  • 2022 also saw the creation of the Sustainability Division, which approved a cross-cutting strategy for the entire Group to meet the commitments undertaken and address the main challenges of the 2030 Agenda

Palma, September 26, 2023.- Grupo Piñero, a multinational company in the tourism sector, has presented its Sustainability Report for the 2022 fiscal year, a document that highlights the Group's commitment and strategy not only in caring for the environment, but also in its social responsibility and good governance efforts.

The Group has highlighted that, during 2022, it made investments in the amount of €2.7 million in environmental management, which have contributed to achieving such important milestones and advances in the company's sustainability as reducing the consumption of energy, water and CO2 emissions per stay, and increasing the amount of recycled waste and the number of electric vehicles in its fleet, among others.

Specifically, Grupo Piñero has achieved a 35% reduction in energy consumption per stay, making significant headway in terms of energy efficiency.

The Group's efforts are also reflected in the significant increase in recycled waste recovered, increasing the 2021 figure of 6,172,943 lbs (2.8 million kg) to 11,685,000 lbs (5.3 million kg) of recycled waste in 2022 and reaching more than 21,000 tons of recyclable waste recovered over the last 7 years.

The company remains firmly committed to an environmentally friendly management model that has a positive impact on the climate, in order to achieve more integrated, responsible, intelligent and sustainable territories. To achieve these goals, it continues to focus on the commitments it has made, such as reducing its carbon footprint by 60% by 2030, achieving 'Zero Neutrality' by 2050, reducing waste by 50% by 2030 and 'Zero Landfill' by 2050, with a view to protecting, conserving and planning for 100%.

In presenting the Sustainability Report, Isabel Piñero, Chief Sustainability Officer of the Group, assured that “for Grupo Piñero, sustainability is and will continue to be an absolute priority in all our activities. The 2022 data we share in our report are examples of how we continue to work to regenerate the tourism sector by incorporating responsible and sustainable operating models.

Progress in Social Responsibility and Good Governance

Social responsibility and good governance are also key elements in its sustainability efforts. In 2022, Grupo Piñero launched and developed initiatives to care for the well-being of its employees, such as its Healthy Company program, with an investment of more than €500,000. The company has also invested a total of €1.4 million in internal training, resulting in more than 230,000 hours of training and more than 1,000 internal promotions.

In addition to its internal programs, Grupo Piñero is also involved in promoting the social welfare of the communities in which it operates, with activities carried out through its Ecobahia Foundation that foster environmental education and provide schools and local centers with resources to support sustainability in their regions. Moreover, Grupo Piñero is committed to the development of these communities, reporting 90% of purchases from locally based suppliers in 2022 with a total volume of more than €170 million.

With the aim of continuing to carry out activities that contribute to the preservation of the natural capital, and to continue promoting initiatives that help the communities where they are present, Grupo Piñero has further consolidated its strategic alliances in 2022, including the public-private alliance with the Ministry of the Environment of the Dominican Republic, the Spain-Jamaica Foundation and the NGO Mallorca Sense Fam.

For Grupo Piñero, 2022 was a year marked by the approval of its Sustainability strategy with a long-term outlook, as well as the creation of its Sustainability Division, whose mission and goals are to promote the integration of ESG criteria at all levels of the organization, contributing to meeting the commitments undertaken and addressing the main challenges of the 2030 Agenda. To this end, the Group has also revised eight of its sustainability policies and has incorporated four new ones covering its commitment to its stakeholders, anti-corruption, human resources and occupational health and safety of its employees.

Green Investments at the Heart of World Tourism Day

These actions by Grupo Piñero are a reflection of the importance that sustainability has acquired in the tourism sector. In fact, this year's World Tourism Day, which is held on September 27, is focusing on green investments. Grupo Piñero recognizes the importance of investing in actions that have a positive impact on the environment, seeking constant improvement and demand in its sustainable endeavors.

Since 2016, Grupo Piñero has invested €20,301,054 in environmental initiatives, and for 2023 it has approved a further €7 million investment in environmental projects. The Group's most recent sustainable projects include the opening of Cayo Levantado Resort, which has involved an investment of more than €37 million for the company and is the Group's first sustainable luxury project.

Grupo Piñero's 2022 Sustainability Report, now available on the company's official website, reflects the Group's ongoing commitment to continue promoting a sustainable organization that champions a model guided by excellence and environmental and social respect.

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