10/10/2023 - Grupo Piñero | Bahia Principe Residences

Grupo Piñero uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance security in its residential division

  • The company has incorporated AI technology in new facial recognition systems, drones and thermal cameras to optimize video surveillance of its residential facilities located in Mexico and the Dominican Republic 

  • This upgrade is part of Bahia Principe Residences' goal of pioneering the creation, development and management of intelligent communities 

Palma, September 10 th, 2023.- Grupo Piñero, a multinational company in the tourism sector, is implementing Artificial Intelligence technology to improve the security and video surveillance systems of its residential division. Specifically, the technology is being implemented in its two residential complexes: Playa Nueva Romana, located in La Romana (Dominican Republic) and Tulum Country Club, located in Tulum (Mexico), which total almost 3,000 homes built on nearly 3,000 acres, with more than 5,000 residents. 

The applications enabled by AI technology include new facial recognition systems for residents and employees, drones for surveillance and environmental control, and thermal cameras for night vision and surveillance to ensure the security and peace of mind of residents. 

The security changes implemented at Bahia Principe Residences, Grupo Piñero's residential division, have been developed as part of the Group's goal of being pioneers in the creation, development and management of intelligent communities, providing them with a range of services that create a better experience for all residents. 

The multiple uses of AI at Bahia Principe Residences 

The use of Artificial Intelligence technology will be key in the improvement of the security services offered to the residents of Playa Nueva Romana and Tulum Country Club, providing more comprehensive measures and more complete tools for a better surveillance of the residential facilities. 

As part of the improvements made to the video surveillance system, new security cameras are being installed at strategic points in both residences, equipping the new and existing cameras with thermal vision technology to ensure complete 24-hour monitoring. 

To ensure better performance within the residential security measures, two different facial recognition systems have also been developed; one for use by homeowners and one for use by all employees both at residential entrances and in mobile systems for more efficient execution. In addition, Grupo Piñero has also incorporated license plate reading functions for more detailed monitoring of movements within the premises. 

It has also incorporated the use of virtual access controls at the entrances of Tulum Country Club, providing the residential complex with an additional level of security at its exterior access points. This new AI-based security system makes it possible to process images and videos in real time, facilitating the detection of suspicious activities and providing constant control of the flow of people and vehicles. 

In the case of Playa Nueva Romana, the company has also invested in establishing two surveillance drone platforms, one of which is intended for routine assessment of the residential complex, providing periodic security reports and supporting the surveillance of events held at its facilities. The second is designed to support the maintenance of golf courses, coastal control, and surveillance for fire prevention and possible water leaks. Thanks to these two platforms, the aim is to ensure the safety of both its residents and the natural capital that surrounds the 1,500-acre complex. 

The residential complex is already patrolled 24 hours a day throughout the week. Now, for heightened security, the perimeter patrols of Playa Nueva Romana will also have access to portable night vision and monitoring equipment. In addition to this improvement in security systems, a third drone has been added for nighttime perimeter surveillance and fire prevention and control during low visibility hours. 

With the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in these residential properties, Grupo Piñero's real estate division continues to create tools to facilitate the execution of its employees' tasks, in turn providing a better and higher quality service to its residents. These novelties are an example of the Group's constant commitment to innovation, promoting sustainability and efficiency and enriching the value of its properties with significant differentiating elements. 

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