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12/17/2019 - Grupo Piñero

Grupo Piñero strengthens its strategic plan and presents its new brand image

  • The company is evolving in its desire to continue offering its clients exciting experiences strengthening its three core areas: innovation and development, digitalization and sustainability.
  • Its evolution is reflected in the Group's corporate identity, favoring the future development of its brands and sub-brands.

Grupo Piñero, a benchmark in the global tourism market, has taken another step in its goal to strengthen its leadership as a responsible company. With the purpose of "Creating exciting experiences" for clients and employees, the company has strengthened its strategic plan and developed a new corporate identity to also contribute to the development and sustainable growth of the Group and each of its divisions, maintaining its 100% family essence after the generational change and the legacy of its founder Pablo Piñero.

To do this, Grupo Piñero will continue to rely on its three core strategic areas: Innovation and Development, under which it will carry out comprehensive projects that enhance and take advantage of synergies between group companies, aimed at providing more and better spaces to strengthen the customer's final experience; Digitalization, with technology as a means of growth through the implementation of tools that allow closer interaction and greater knowledge of its clients, as well as more efficient processes; and Sustainability, as a cross-cutting and long-term commitment with which to actively contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations and build a profitable and sustainable business model.

According to Encarna Piñero, CEO of Grupo Piñero, “this evolution is the result of our desire to continue creating exciting experiences, which is our main raison d'être. In recent years we have been adapting our services to market demands and we believe that it is time to evolve our strategy and our image to a new model that better reflects not only what we are today but also where we are heading. All this without losing sight of where we come from and our 100% family essence, which has allowed us to become a benchmark in the international tourism sector.”

New Organizational Culture

The evolution set in motion by Grupo Piñero stems from an internal organizational project that materializes in renewed work flows and methods, which will allow the Group to maintain its level of competitiveness and successfully tackle the challenges of the future.

Continuous improvement, a bottom-up approach and internal recognition are the key elements of its new organizational culture. In this way, Grupo Piñero is clearly committed to loyalty and to attracting talent by generating an experiential working environment adapted to the new demands of its employees. Its ultimate goal is none other than the satisfaction of its clients, through the well-being of its employees. Its philosophy is crystal clear: happy employees make happy clients. 

New brand identity

This step forward for Grupo Piñero is also reflected in its new corporate image through a new graphic universe and logo, whose symbol now holds many more meanings.

The sun, which has been the company's emblem for 20 years, evolves into a new balanced, symmetrical, solid and light anagram, which now also conveys union, teamwork, dynamism, excellence and celebration. In this way, the idea of "sun and sand" associated only with holidays is transcended, adding to the symbol almost infinite meanings that better complete the new reality of the group and its business diversification.

Grupo Piñero defines itself with two main colors. On one hand, there's gold: Noble, warm, which never deteriorates and endures over time. The color of summer, of success, of wellness. And gray: sober, corporate, elegant and functional. The perfect balance to sustain the character of a large group and to envelop all its brands.

This new concept becomes tangible in all its brands, sharing the new symbol and putting the final touch on the Group's brand architecture rearrangement project, which began more than a year ago. This is a reflection of how the Group contributes to its brands, and vice-versa, laying the foundations for the optimal growth of each of them.

For the launch of this rebranding a communication campaign has been developed, whose main message is “Lots more to come”.

Bahia Principe, much more than just hotels

Bahia Principe goes beyond the hotel business, which is why the Group has created the Bahia Principe Masterbrand, which will take up a distinguished space in its business strategy. The sub-brands Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, Bahia Principe Residences and Bahia Principe Golf will operate under it, thus lending greater prominence to each division and boosting tremendous synergies between them.

Its products become unique destinations not only for vacationing, but also for living or investing, with all the differential value that the sum of each of them brings.

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