05/29/2024 - Grupo Piñero | Bahia Principe Golf

Playa Nueva Romana promotes sports tourism in the country with its PGA Ocean's 4 course

  • Grupo Piñero's Bahia Principe Golf has established itself as a leader in this ever-growing industry, highlighting its commitment to promoting the practice of golf and setting exceptional standards in the region. 
  • Bahia Principe Golf has two golf courses in Playa Nueva Romana. One of them, an 18-hole par 72, is designed for intermediate and advanced players, while the other, a 9-hole par 27, is for beginners.

Santo Domingo, May 27, 2024. Golf tourism has achieved a prominent status in the economy of the Dominican Republic, consolidating its position as one of the fundamental pillars of the tourism industry. With internationally acclaimed courses and world-class events, the Caribbean country has attracted a growing number of golf enthusiasts and professionals, becoming a coveted destination for its unique combination of luxury, nature and challenging courses. 

According to statistics from the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur), between 250,000 and 300,000 golfers visit the country annually, generating a significant economic impact that exceeds US$400 million. 

In this context, Grupo Piñero's Bahia Principe Golf has established itself as a leader in this ever-expanding industry, highlighting its support for the promotion of golf and setting exceptional standards in the region. The division currently has two courses and 27 holes at the PGA Ocean's 4 complex, located in Playa Nueva Romana, about 100 km east of Santo Domingo and 30 km from La Romana.   

Its partnership with the PGA of America not only evidences its dedication to expanding the amateur golf community, but also its focus on teaching excellence and continually improving players' skills.

"At Bahia Principe Golf, our goal is to offer a world-class golf experience, where the passion for the sport is combined with the natural beauty of the Caribbean environment,” said Carlos de Linares, general manager of PGA Ocean's 4’’. 

Furthermore, de Linares highlighted that last January, PGA Ocean's 4 at Playa Nueva Romana joined the stand of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic (Mitur) for the first time, promoting the country as a golf destination at the PGA Merchandise Show, held at the Orlando Convention Center. This collaboration is yet another sign of the efforts to boost tourism in the region and strengthen the country's position as a leading destination in the golf industry.

Golf amidst lakes by the sea 

The PGA Ocean's 4 Academy golf courses, strategically located overlooking the ocean, are designed to take advantage of a varied topography with multiple levels and slopes, giving them a distinctive character and adding an additional level of challenge to the playing experience. 

Bahia Principe Golf has two impressive golf courses in Playa Nueva Romana with a total of 27 holes. One of them, an 18-hole par 72, is designed for intermediate and advanced players. The other, a 9-hole par 27, is intended for beginners. 

The 18-hole course, masterfully designed by Maverick Golf, stands out for its variety and modernity. This course, the second official Championship course developed by Grupo Piñero, features four-hole styles in different environments. From Parkland-style holes surrounded by lakes and waterfalls to those bordering the Caribbean Sea with a touch of Links, and finally, Desert-style landscapes with large rocks and sand. 

It also has a 9-hole par 3 course, created to provide fun and challenge to players of all levels. With holes varying between 100 and 200 meters, in just one hour, golfers will be able to complete the entire course and enjoy golf in a more accessible and relaxed way, forgetting the strict etiquette and complicated rules of golf.  

In addition, the greens, the areas where the hole is located, are characterized by being of the highest quality in terms of speed and the way the ball rolls over them, providing a perfectly manicured surface for golfers. 

Tourists traveling to the country have multiple reasons for doing so, but golfers in particular praise the service and the excellent condition of the course.  

The PGA Ocean's 4 golf academy 

At the Playa Nueva Romana facilities, the division has an outstanding teaching center, air-conditioned and equipped with special video analysis software and a state-of-the-art Trackman monitor, which have become an essential tool for golf teachers, allowing students of all levels to improve their skills and performance in the game. 

The academy has more than 80 practice stations and 8 covered stations, along with specially designed putting and chipping green areas. This practice facility is recognized as one of the best in the Dominican Republic.  

It also offers a variety of programs designed to provide students with a complete golf experience. From private and group lessons to the opportunity to play with a professional, participate in two-day camps, corporate events and fun golf sessions, each option is designed to ensure effective learning on the course.

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